"There are moments when we have no choice but to listen to Spirit; meeting Taz was one of those and it warms my heart to call her Sister." - Wolf Lore

"I recently attended one of Taz's weekend Shamanic workshops. I arrived feeling bone tired and very low on personal resourses. I left after the two days feeling a whole different kind of tired and nourished on so many levels. Taz has the capacity to embrace each and everyone's beauty and reflect it back without judgement or personal opinion. I have encountered many people who walk a Shamanic path during my journey, yet few have the authenticity and humility that Taz does. She pushes you to explore, be brave and take chances..she encourages trust in Spirit and self revelation through truly magnificent drum journey. It takes a lot for me personally to feel trust in people, yet after 5 minutes in the company of Taz, I trusted her completely. I am still feeling the healing ripple efects of my weekend away at the workshop, and expect I will for some time to come. A truly remarkable, compassionate and Ancient Medicine Woman, Taz really does Walk in Beauty. I look forward to walking my own Beauty along side her in the coming years." - Nancy B

"For me working the Medicine Wheel with Taz has been an enriching experience, held in "safe space" while following our personal paths, with encouragement, guidance and support. Taz shares her knowledge and experience in her unique way, there is never a dull moment!" - Steph D


"I became interested in Reiki healing, and met Taz quite by accident. Not knowing quite what to expect I was very nervous and caught between sceptisicm and excitement.  I found Taz to be kind, sensitive, very helpful and knowledgeable, and she has introduced me to shamanic journeying and healing, and reiki.  I feel whole, and filled with a need to learn that I haven't felt for years through her expert guidance, and teaching. As well as being a wonderful person, and someone you feel at ease with instantly, her honesty, integrity and commitment to her beliefs shine through like a beacon. She will help, guide and support you through any situation, and I would have no hesitation to recommend her to anyone. Thank you Taz for opening my eyes and my heart." - Jan W

"I've attended many shamanic workshops with Taz Thornton, and I can attest to her commitment, dedication and enthusiasm for shamanism, and for sharing her own understanding of it with others." - Ali S

"Taz has a special gift for putting people at ease and her positivity and sense of humour really is infectious. She has the ability to very easily get to the crux of a problem with penetrating accuracy. Solutions and ideas are boundless as is her creativity. She is a fabulous workshop facilitator." - Lisa G

"Taz has a deeply profound spiritual belief that instills a sense of calm in all those she works with either through her Reiki or Shamanic healing work. Undergoing a Reiki or Shamanic healing session with Taz is an incredibly powerful and moving experience, allowing an individual to really tap into their True Self and connect with the very essence of who they really are, not who they think they should be. Her deep knowledge of her subject, combined with her positive mindset and practical, straight-talking, yet gentle approach is a perfect combination, ensuring a client is treated with love and compassion at all times. I would highly recommend Taz's services for all those looking for a deeper spiritual connection with themselves and the world around them.”
- Alison B

“I met Taz at a networking event and we worked together on a vacancy she had at the time. I have also worked with Taz as a client of hers for her holistic/NLP business. Taz is an extremely professional person who freely gives her time to help others and I found the treatment she did with me absolutely fantastic and I would recommend her services to anyone.” - Carolyn S

“I have worked with Taz on a few occasions and can highly recommend her work. She has endless energy,a great passion for her work and a genuine desire to make a difference to others. Her enthusiasm for projects and people is contagious, she is a great motivator and is very outcome focussed. If you are looking to work with somebody who possesses professional integrity in her field then Taz is definitely my recommendation.”
- Mandy A

“I have used Taz for a number of treatments, first was Reiki then Shamanic healing which I have had a number of sessions, also Taz has designed and made 2 items of medicine jewellery for me, which are beautiful. I am very happy to recommend Taz as she is a very caring healer and gives so much of herself and most sessions end with her giving coaching which ensures her good work continues. give her a call and you won't be disappointed.” - Deborah S

“I recommend Taz Thornton to all my connections without any hesitation. Taz is an exceptional interactive coach and is able to deliver the required results making use of modern techniques. I was particularly impressed on a personal level, as Taz enabled me to improve my memory by using very simple yet efffective methods.” - Amanda C

“Taz is a creative and concientious individual who always goes the extra mile to deliver. She is also confident, honest and out going with a positive outlook and 'can do' mind set in everything she does. I have no hesitation in recommending her.” - Phil C

"Taz is one of the most skilled, authentic, healers I know, meeting others from a place of love, compassion and integrity.  Her ability to go that extra mile is testimony to the thoroughness of her work, her dedication to those she helps and her commitment to her path." - Louise C

"Taz has helped with personal health issues on members of staff and has helped in their mental and physical wellbeing. She is very capable across a wide range of treatments and always has the complete confidence and trust of people she deals with. Would recommend her in whichever capacity you would use her skills, healer, author or consultant". - Mark S