Firewalking is an ancient method of overcoming challenges of the physical body and mind to perform the seemingly impossible. Trained by the same team who trained Tony Robbins, Taz's approach to firewalking is deeply spiritual and encourages participants to transcend their perceived limitations and learn about the awesome possibilities when we learn to control our energy and become mindful.

The coals used in these firewalks requently reaches temperatures of 1200 degrees - there is no trickery involved, just a positive attitude, plenty of self-belief and mindfulness.

Currently, firewalking - and other extreme empowerment activities, such as glasswalking, board breaking and arrow breaks (where participants break a genuine target arrow with the softest part of their throat) are offered as part of Taz's more in-depth experiences, such as the One Year Shamanic Circle. 

Taz also offers these experiences as part of private seminars, and is always happy to receive enquiries.

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