TazYellowWolf on Twitter Our own videos as well as a selection of favourites with a shamanic flavour. Our Facebook community - regular news, updates and shamanic chatter. Our Pinterest pages - we keep these fairly regularly updated with medicine jewellery and shamanic crafts. Conceived and organised by the Firechild / Turquoise Tiger gang (Taz Thornton and Ali Bowie), The Feelgood Show is a mind, body, spirit event with positive energy. For too long, MBS events have been filled with exhibitors desperate to make back their high stand fees, thus impacting the energy of the show. With The Feelgood Shows, we're trying to bring some of that energy back. There are two so far - one in Stamford and one in Spalding, in beautiful venues with a lovely vibe. Come along and see for yourselves. We give free hugs throughout the events... and even run a few free hug events in the run up. Want to join us? Gillian Wing is an amazing artist and one of the loveliest people we know! Gillian is able to blend the vibrancy of colour with beautiful designs to create a piece of stained glass art infused with the most amazing energy. Gillian works with Firechild on our Shamanic Glass workshops and Healing the Chakra Tree. Highly recommended - pop over,say 'hi' and tell Gillian we sent you! This is the official site for the annual UK conference of the Society of Shamanic Practitioners (SSP). It's an amazing event and I'm honoured to be involved. There's nothing else like this in the UK - amazing surroundings, amazing energy, amazing teachings and amazing people. Well worth the time and expense.
:  Spiral Serpent is a powerful programme of change and transformation; a unique blend of counselling and energy healing that helps you understand your situation better and begin to clear mental, emotional and physical blocks. Spiral Serpent is operated by Louise Caine, an amazing healer and inspirational woman. We met on a year-long shamanic healing course and I'm proud to be able to recommend her here. Northern Drum Shamanic Centre - shamanic teachings with Chris Luttichau. One of the best, and most authentic, UK-based teachers we've found. Firechild's own shamanic healer - Yellow Wolf Moon - used to train with Chris and also act as administrator for Northern Drum. Highly recommended. UK-based magazine for shamanic practitioners, by shamanic practitioners. If you already subscribe, that's fantastic; if not, why not? Not a shamanic site, but if you're looking for top-class PR to boost your profile, this is the place to go. The Turquoise Tigers have done lots of work with Firechild and give amazing advice from a vast knowledge base. They'll work on a project-by-project basis, too. Not only that, but they are passionate about inspiring and helping people. This is where the amazing world of Neuro Linguistic Programming all began for me. Brilliant company, fabulous customer relationships, bucketloads of support and jolly nice people to boot. And that first free diploma course? It's real, and it's quality - no catch!  Wonderful retreat centre, set in its own meadow in the heart of Cambridgeshire countryside, just outside Peterborough. We've used this centre for Firechild workshops and gatherings for many years - a favourite of ours, with amazing earth energy. 

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