Taz presenting at Pagan Pride, Nottingham

Taz with parner & workshop assistant Asha Clearwater at Gaunts House for the UK shamanic conference.

Taz Thornton was aware of spirit from an early age and was led to shamanism by a series of what she now does not believe were coincidences! Taz says stepping onto the shamanic path was like going home - a remembering of spiritual practices set deep into her bones; suddenly, all those dreams and visions she'd experienced as a child began to make sense and her life took on new meaning and direction.

Having worked with a number of respected shamanic teachers over many years, Taz is now a shamanic healer and workshop leader in her own right, as well as a crafter of sacred ceremonial and medicine pieces.

She says: "I will always be eternally grateful to the Universe for steering me towards the shamanic path, and, of course, to all the human teachers I've learned from over the years - as well as those in spirit form! I don't believe we ever stop learning, and I'm always open to new teachings, in whatever form they come. Every day really is a school day."

TazStaff.jpgTaz's workshops are known for having a light-hearted and down to earth feel. There's always a time for deep ceremony, she says, but we should not forget to walk lightly: "Too many people find their spiritual 'niche' and then become all business, yet my guides are always reminding me to find the joy and to keep on learning, discovering and exploring new things. Even the darkest times can bring the most beautiful teachings, so it's good to try to remain grounded, open hearted and full of gratitude; sometimes, life can seem really unfair, but if we can dig deep and find the teachings, we can realise the wonder of every moment."
Through Firechild, Taz offers training in shamanism and meditation, as well as one to one healing and coaching, distance healing and group sessions, as well as space clearing services. She is trained in several aspects of traditional ‘soul doctoring’, including soul retrieval and extraction, plant spirit medicine, power animal sourcing, light healing, chakra alignment and psychopomp work.

Firechild workshops and ongoing training programmes cover a range of areas, from meditation and basic core shamanism through to some of the more advanced aspects of energy work and personal empowerment techniques. You can also learn how to 'bridge the dream' and work with spirit to create your own medicine tools at Firechild's dedicated Shamanic crafts studio. 
Taz is a member of the Society of Shamanic Practitioners and has presented at the UK shamanic conference many times. She explains: "It's always a great honour to be asked to present or run workshops, but the UK shamanic conference is probably my favourite space to attend. So many wonderful people gather there, and it's amazing to be able to feel that combined energy and learn from so many beautiful souls from all over the world. If you haven't been there yet, I'd highly recommend booking your tickets!"
Beyond shamanism, Taz is also trained in Reiki and Neuro Linguisting Programming, as well as being a FIRE Certified Firewalking Instructor. Taz is a member of the Society of Shamanic Practitioners (SSP) and the International Business and Personal Development Association (IBPDA). She is an occasional contributor to mind, body, spirit publications such as Kindred Spirit and Soul and Spirit, and is one of the founders of The Feelgood Show - a positivity event launched in Lincolnshire in 2011. 
Taz’s first book - Whispers from the Earth - is currently underway and will be published by Moon Books.
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