Drawing on many years of experience and training in a number of life-enhancing disciplines, Taz offers one to one personal coaching via telephone, Skype or face-to-face meeting.

With all sessions treated in the strictest confidence, Taz draws on shamanism, psychic awareness, deep intuition, NLP and empowerment coaching techniques to help you step into your authentic power and find your soul's true path. As with most coaching and healing techniques, the responsibility to come back to wholeness always rests with the client, with Taz holding, guiding and supporting along the way.

Taz explains: "There's rarely an immediate, magic wand solution to life's great challenges, yet there's usually a way to rebuild, gather strength and energy and find the teaching in even the darkest times. For those ready to make real strides towards a happier, healthier life, these personal coaching sessions can help bring about new promise and very real changes as people reclaim their power and begin to step back into balance."

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